Uniting Korea and China Fashion∙Beauty on ‘Asia 美 Festival’ Opened successfully

On May 3rd, at 7pm Namsangol Hanok Village, the fashion show which contains the best Asian designer show and Makeup beauty show on the outdoor stage including Korea and China. ‘Asia 美 Festival’ as the largest size festival of fashion and beauty culture industries, is to give an opportunity to have communication for the both industries. It is also to show the world the excellence of Asian fashion and beauty industry, models from Asia, hair design, beauty artists, designers, and representing brands to have the better and bigger international exchange, in order to promote the brands, its products, and have an opportunity to grow through the event, Asia Model Festival. The event in this year especially, is cosponsored by the ‘China Fashion Week Organizing Committee (Premier Chang)’, ‘Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association (President An)’, organized by ‘Korea Model Association’, and sponsored by ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ and ‘Seoul City’. It was held with the united fashion show with designers from Korea and China and Asia beauty artists on May 3rd, at Namsangol Hanok Village, Seoul.
Asia 美 Festival was proceeded with the fashion shows including Chinese Chipao ‘Jen Ih Ji’ Li Na, I-LA Li Ying, Lee Soon Hwa, Yang Hae il, Grace Moon designers from Korea, Pacson Renan Jay designer from Philippines, Uskembayeva Zhanna designer from Kazakhstan, and Yen Lee & Shiau Lee designers from Malaysia. For ceremony shows, the B-boy dance group ‘Ggabirang’ (produced by Kim Jong Sik & Song Ji Hwan), beauty ala show of Fantasy Parade Promise, Kazakhstan famous singer ‘Medenova Aidana, and MJRed from Korea were on the outdoor stage. Under the 13th 2018 Asia Model Festival, there are three events with having the begin of ‘Asia 美 Festival’ at 7pm, May 3rd, Namsalgol Hanok Village, Seoul, and then ‘K-MODEL AWARDS & Asia 美 Awards’ for Korea models and people related into Fashion & Beauty industry at 2pm, and ‘FACE of ASIA’ that is the contest of Asia new models at 7pm, May 5th., and the last event of ‘Asia Model Awards’ with Asia top models, stars, and Celebrities at D Hall, COEX, 7pm, May 6th.