‘2018 Asia Model Festival’ Best Asia Models & Entertainer & Stars Awards Opened at COEX
2018 Asia Model Festival that is the largest model event including famous Brand fashion shows, Beauty Gala show, K-pop performances and also where the top models, actors, artists, and fashion & beauty industries participate, had been successfully opened at 7pm, COEX in Seoul on May 6th, 2018. ‘Asia Model Awards’ is the last event of 2018 Asia Model Festival that has been organized by ‘Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (President Yang)’, supervised by ‘Korea Model Association’, and sponsored by ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’, ‘Seoul City’, ‘KOFICE’, and ‘KOCI (President Kim)’.
Tony An, Kim Minah and Choi Yusol ran the event as MC and for the awards, Jung Jinwoon(2AM), Kyungri, Jo Taegwan, Kim Mingyu, Pyo Yejin, Han Boreum, Park Jungmin, Na Na, Lee Yegyung, Seoung Hun, Yun Heejung, Tony An, Han Hyejin, Shun Jachi, Lyme, UNB, Fromis_9, NU’EST W, Girl Friend, BTOB, etc. For the Asia Model Stars, GANKHUYAG OYUNGEREL, YITH MEAS AUSSA, Medenova Aidana, MAI THI GIANG, Dennis Yin, KONG YAOZHU, KONG YANSONG, SUPRIYA, Ms. MEISINGER, AJIRAPA SABINA, EMI SHABNAZ SADIA and for Creators of this year as in SNS, Bo Gyeom, Jae Nun, Ak Uh were awarded.
China Fashion Week, Premier Chang who organized ‘Asia 美 Festival’ has also participated to award. Moreover, Fashion show (Grace Moon), Beauty Gala show (SKALAA show), Brand Image show (Lui&Lei designed by SUN & MOON), Hair show (LoReal Professional Paris), and K-pop Celebrities’ performances had been shown to the audiences. These were broadcasted through China ‘Tencent’, Africa TV, Asia Model Festival Official Facebook, Youtube, and other various channels.