Kim Bo-Ram, Kim Ki-Oh, Shin Chae-In, Lee Ki-Taek, Kim Ji-Eon, Top 5 of the 2018 Face of Korea

“2018 Asia Model Festival Face of Korea with Mygenomebox” was held at COEX D1 Hall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 29th, with the Korea Model Association (Chairman Yang Eui-Sig), the organizing committee of the Asian Model Festival (Chairman Kim Dong-soo), and the Korea Model Association (Chairman Shin Sang-chul) co-hosted.
The top five models, Kim Bo-ram, Kim Ki-oh, Shin Chae-in, Lee Ki-taek and Kim Ji-eon, are taking pictures.

The “Face of Asia” with the Mygenomebox is the biggest Asian rookie model competition hosted by the Korea Model Association and the Asian model community. It is the core content of international exchange among Asian model festivals, which consist of three contents, “Asia Model Awards,” “Asia U.S. Festival” and “Face of Asia.”

It is Asia’s largest competition among 27 Asian countries, including Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Dubai, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Macau and Australia. Currently, Mongolia and the Philippines have finished their events. The event will be held in more than 27 countries by April next year.

As a member of the judges’ committee, Vice-Chairman Lim Joo-wan, Vice-Chairman Seol Jong-doo, Director Lee Sun-jin, Attorney Lee Jin-young, Honorary President Park Shin-kook, Chairman Shin Sang-chul of the Korea Association of Professional Professionals, Chairman Han Sung-jin of the Korea Association of Professional Professionals, Director Oh Kyung-seok of the Writers Association, Wang Young-jae, CEO Shin Hyun-chul, director of On-Day Cosmetics, director Lee Kyung-ok of Herifland Dental, CEO of Aura Media Ancient Painting, and CEO Bae Eun-jung of the Gallery of Jeju attended the event.

It is composed of various performances and fashion show concepts such as a congratulatory performance by girl group Amor and Hanbitdan Hanbok fashion show, fashion show by designer brand Ferstad, and tuxedo by Mok Eun-jung and Morton Garment.

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