Four 2020 FACE of Thailand winners to advance to finals in Seoul

The “2020 Asia Model Festival FACE of Thailand” contest was held at BITEC Hall 101 in Bangkok, Friday.

Out of 26 contestants, four models have been singled out ― Waramphorn Sutthipong, 19, Kotchalorn Kankong, 22, Saknarong Leesim, 22, and Ganticha Williams, 22 ― who will have the chance to win the “FACE of Asia” title by competing with the winners from more than 20 Asian countries in the finals in Seoul.

The event was hosted by the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC) and sponsored by TONYMORY, KTCC, Kantana, Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Tourism Organization, KOWIN, Happy Korea, H.Y-GIN Korea, PROMICE, ICONIC, PATTRIC BOYLE BANGKOK, IㆍSEOULㆍU, Seoul Tourism Organization, K-BEAUTY EXPO BANGKOK, BANGKOK BEAUTY SHOW, and KINTEX.

“I did not expect anything close to winning this competition and I am very honored for this opportunity,” said winner Ganticha Williams. “It will be my first visit to Korea and I will prepare extra to get myself on the runway next year in Seoul.”

◆ Ganticha “많은 준비를 갖고 서울 런웨이 서겠다”

아시아 최대의 신인 패션모델 선발대회인 ‘페이스 오브 아시아(FACE of ASIA)’의 태국 대표를 선발하는 자리인 만큼 남녀 모델의 경쟁도 치열했다.

그 결과 토니모리 Prize는 nassayaporn lerdpaweerat (여ㆍ16세), 부산광역시 Prize는 ketsaraporn pongaue (여ㆍ18세), H.Y-GIN KOREA Prize는 sophita parnputtha (여ㆍ22세), KPOP DANCE MASTER Prize는 akom qunnet (남ㆍ16세), BRIA LAB Prize는 Kotchalorn Kankong(여ㆍ22세), EDGC Prize는 Saknarong Leesim (남ㆍ22세) 그리고 KOWIN Prize는 Thorfun Binsolem (여ㆍ20세)이 차지했다.

서울 본선 직행 티켓권이 걸린 대망의 TOP4, 그 영예의 수상자는 Waramphorn Sutthipong(여ㆍ19세), Kotchalorn Kankong(여ㆍ22세), Saknarong Leesim(남ㆍ22세) 그리고 Ganticha Williams(여ㆍ22세)로 결정났다.

특히 Ganticha Williams는 춤추는 듯한 카리스마 있는 워킹과 포즈, 동선을 보여줘 주목을 받았다.

Ganticha Williams는 본지와의 인터뷰에서 “부족함 점이 많아 당선될 줄 몰랐는데, 영광스럽다”면서 “한국은 처음 방문하게 된다. 워킹, 동작, 시선 처리 등 더 많은 준비를 갖고 내년 서울 런웨이에 서겠다”고 밝혔다.

Thailand’s top model Boondaree Jitreengam, the 2013 FACE of Thailand as well as the FACE of Asia winner, congratulated winners and wished them the best of luck in the finals. “Winning the FACE of Asia title in 2013 was a very special turning point in my modeling career. From that day on, I was able to work as a fashion model in many other countries,” she said.

Top Thai celebrities also appeared at the event.

FACE of Asia, part of the 15th Asia Model Festival (AMF), is the largest model-search platform in Asia. The final will be in June next year in Seoul.

China, Japan, Mongolia, the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Arabia, Bangladesh and Taiwan will send models to Seoul.

The next local contest will be in Mongolia on August 17.

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