Who is the lucky star to become in Face of Malaysia Road to Suwon 2016.

The 2016 Asia New Star Model Contest Face of Malaysia Road to Suwon was co-hosted by Suwon City (mayor Yum Tae-young) and the Korean Model Association (chairman Yang Eui-Sig) and held at the Kuala Lumpur Pavilion in Malaysia on the 18th.

On the same day, the final 30 models (15 men and 15 women) competed in a friendly competition to represent Malaysia at the Asia New Star Model Contest Face of Asia Road to Suwon City, which held in Suwon, Korea in May 2016. On that day. The judges were made up of a fair evaluation by experts including Lim Joo-wan, vice president of the Korea Model Association, Lee Sang-hee, international cooperation director, Logo Fashion Director Veltos, model and actor Isaac Wong.

Among the Malaysian representatives who will be participating in the final competition, men Ash Tan, Haridz Mohammed, Seamus Lim, women’s Kate Chan, Liliana Fernandez and Chantelle Megan Wang. In addition, Kate Chan will be work as Suwon PR Models who promote for Suwon in Malaysia

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