2016 Face of Indonesia, faces of glory

Winners pose at the 2016 Asia New Star Model Contest, Road of Indianesia, and SUWON CITY.

The 2016 Asian New Star Model Contest, Face of Indonesia Road to Suwon, be held at Jakarta Convention Center in Sarai, Indonesia on Tuesday.

The event is co-hosted by the Korea Model Association (Chairman Yang Eui-Sig), Suwon City (mayor Yeom Tae-young), Asian Model Festival organizing committee, Suwon City, AD HOUSE (CEO Kim Jeong-ho), Indonesia Korean Cultural Center, Daeng Gi Meori, Rock & Rock, Maxim, Lollipop and other sponsor.

The final 51 applicants who passed the first and second screening on the day (17 men and 34 women) competed in advance to participate in Asia New Star Model Contest Face of Asia Road to SUWON CITY, which will be held in Korea in May 2016.

Among the Indonesia delegates who will participate in the final competition were the third place winner received Daeng Gi Meori awards, No.17 Andry (male) and No.34 Venna (female) and No.7 Tyo (male) and No.20 Feby (female) got the master, Rock & Rock awards. Finally, No.1 Big One (male), No.1 Claudia (female) Face of Indonesia award. Claudia also appointed PR models for Suwon in Indonesia.

On the day, Yang Eui-Sig, chairman of the Korea Model Association, Kim Jung-ho, chairman of the adhouse, Lee Hwa-sun, editor-in-chief of the Indonesian supermodel, Catherine Wilson of Indonesia, and Hendra Nugra, CEO of Celibacy Fitness, participated in the fair evaluation. Kim Seok-ki, the head of the Korean Cultural Center in Indonesia, also showed up.

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