2017 Asian Model Festival Face of Malaysia with Oracle Medical Group

‘2017 Asia Model Festival Face of Malaysia’ was held at the event site in Yangon Junction City, Myanmar on the 14th.

The Asia Model Festival, the biggest competition for new models in Asia by the Korea Model of Association, is Asia’s largest convergence of industries such as fashion, beauty, fitness, and culture, and is scheduled to hold the finals in the fourth week of June.

Sponsored by Oracle Medical Group (Chairman Roh Young-woo) which specializes in dermatology and plastic surgery at 2017 Asia Model Festival.
Oracle Medical Group has established itself as a global beauty medical group by operating about 40 Korean companies and 30 overseas subsidiaries such as dermatology, Cosmetics, and entertainment. .

At the Asia Model Festival Face of Miyama event, Kim Soo-bin, CEO of Oracle Entertainment, an entertainment unit of Oracle Medical Group, participated as a judge and won the first prize, Oracle Award. Jesiey Giam, who will serve as an Oracle PR model in Korea and on site for one year, will award the Oracle PR model.

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