2018 Asian Model Awards, BTOB, Asian Star Award…”To be a singer who is a model for future generations”

BTOB, the 18th Asian Model Awards, has won the title of the Asian Star Award singer.
“2018 Asia Model Awards” was held at the COEX D Hall in southern Seoul on Tuesday afternoon under the guidance of Tony An, Kim Min-ah and Choi Yoo-sol.

On the same day, BTOB won the Asian Star Award for singers.
“I got the award thanks to your melody,” BTOB thanked fans.
He added, “More than anything, I have just walked the path of great seniors like Tony An. We will also be a great singer who can serve as a role model for our juniors.
“BTOB is a junior singer who combines not only singing, dancing, but also entertainment and personality,” said Tony An, MC of the show.

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