2019 Face of Korea, selection of representative, and accepting entries.

The official event of “2019 Asia Model Festival FACE of KOREA with EDGC & mygenomebox” will be held in November.

Those who wish to participate in the “2019 Asia Model Festival FACE of Korea with EDGC & mygenomebox”, please apply through the Korean Model Association website (www.models.or.kr) and the Asian Model Festival official website (www. amfoc.org) to register until November 4th.

The final selection of South Korean representative, “Face of Korea,” will be held at 1 p.m. on November 21 at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park.

The event will be hosted by mygenomebox, EDGC, Panasonic Korea, GTG Wellness, INEAST, ORACLE Beauty Group, Xijing University, SOLCO BIOMEDICAL, FORENCOS, Creative Nature Corporation etc.

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