2020 FACE of NEPAL Named Top 3 Representative of Nepal

Face of Nepal, the national event of the 2020 Asia Model Festival Face of Asia with EDGC, was held at the Salty Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The event was co-hosted by the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as AMFOC) and Nembang Suhang, the representative of Nepal’s event. At the same time, EDGC was involved.

At the event, AMFOC Chairman Yang Ui-sik said, “We hope that this event will promote the exchange of beauty and fashion between the two countries, and the ‘Face of Nepal’ is expected to achieve greater results in the future through active government support and support. “I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the many government officials who attended this meeting.”

Co-sponsor Suhang said, “We did not have much time to prepare for the first 2020 Face of Nepal, but we did our best. Starting with this event, we will prepare for the next year’s 2021 Asia Model Festival Face of Nepal. I would also like to thank the Nepalese government and all Korean VIPs for their great interest, which is a great opportunity for Nepal and will greatly help cultural exchange between Nepal and Korea in the future. ”

Nepal’s high-ranking government officials attended the event, including Subas Chandra Nembang, former Nepalese National Assembly Chairman, current Nepalese Minister of Land Basanta Nembang, current Nepalese police chief Thakur Prasad Gyawaly, former Nepalese Attorney General Agni kharel, and current Nepalese child welfare minister parwat gurung. To shine.

Particularly, DIY fashion shows of models were held among the fashion shows held in this contest. Models They had a great opportunity to prepare themselves as the model and fashion sense required by modern models from hair to makeup by preparing clothes and styles that suit their personalities.

Meanwhile, Nepal’s representative of “ FACE of ASIA ” was smriti nepal (female) for UZNEX and Bibek khadka (male) for EDGC, respectively. The top three winners were awarded to smriti nepal (female), Bibek khadka (male) and Nafisha shrestha (female).

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