Asia’s Best Model, 2018 Face of Asia

The 2018 Asian Model Festival ‘Face of Asia’ will be co-hosted by Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Yang Eui-Sig), Korea Society of Model Contents, sponsored by the Korean Model Association, sponsored Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Korea International Foundation for Cultural Exchange, and selected the best models out of 70 new models from 25 Asian countries at the Asia Model Festival The “2018 Face of Asia” was launched in Mongolia in July 2017 and last in China on April 1, 2018 in China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mongolia, Dubai, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other countries.

As the winner, the Jesus Model Arcademi Award is Cambodia’s Pratz Chaucer, Median Medical Award Kim Ki-oh, Thailand’s Soranun TriSano, Bonisha Prize Korea Kim Bo-ram, Shin Mei Foretentera Award Korea Yang-ho, Solgo BiotechMedial Prize in India Yado Rushcheli, Kipotosang Kirkizstan, Indonesia’s Octavian Anikabellian, Upive Indian Hanshin, Hong Kong Meyserdys Romero, Vietnam’s Bhuti Mintet, K-POP dance master O’KANE, Malaysia In particular, TOP 10 this year, they were selected as Isincaufranita Ahmad (Sriangka), Yang Sung-ho (Korea), Hwangjishu (China), Gowoland (Malaysia), Yado Lushcheli (India), Larosvellia (Kirqizstan), Meiwen (China), Octavia Anikabellian (India), and Shinchae (Korea). In the men’s category, Sri Lanka’s Prunita Ahmad, the final winner of the top-10 TOP, China’s Meiwen won the Grand Prize, which is the top target of Korea’s new debt in the women’s category. The judges include Han Jeong-ho, professor of the Graduate School of Media Information at Yonsei University, Im Joo-wan, senior vice president of the Korean Association of Models in the City Council of Seoul, Kim Sung-soo, director of International Cooperation, Lee Seon-jin, Ambassadors of Korean Model Association, and Ha Eun-Young, designer of culture. The event was broadcasted live online by various media outlets including Tencent in China, African TV, Asian Model Festival Faceboo and Youtube. Meanwhile, the 13th Asian Model Festival (13th 2018 Asia Model Festival) from May 3 to 6th started with Asia at Namsangol Hanok Village, and K-MODEL AWARDS & Asia 美 Awards, Face of Asia and Asia Model Awards.

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