‘Face of Korea’ final starters Yoon Sung-moon and Seol Jae-kyung ‘To the Publicity Model of Suwon City’

The Korea American Festival took place from November 3 to 5 at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul.
On the last day of the event, “Face of Korea Road to Suwon,” the 2016 Asia New Star Model Contest, was held.

Yoon Sung-moon and Seol Jae-kyung, who were finally selected for the Face of Korea, pose after winning the award.
Participants in the competition presented various aspects including the “Jubilee Bride & Style Homme” fashion show and the “Yang He-ill Designer” Fashion Show.

The eight final winners of the “Face of Asia Road to Suwon” will participate in the 2016 Asia New Star Model Contest, which will be held in Suwon next May. Yoon Sung-moon and Seol Jae-kyung will also be selected as promotional models for Suwon City.

“Korea Beauty Festival” is consist a children’s modeling competition from the Korea Model Association, K-pop Festival 2015, Seoul Arts School’s model and graduation exhibition, Hansung University’s design art lifetime education center fashion and graduation product exhibition, Korean racing model show & contents, fitness model Awards, Seoul Arts School’s fashion and graduation productions, and Seoul Arts School’s Beauty. It is composed of various selection contests, bloomess fashion and and beauty shows, such as Korean fitting models show & contest, Face of Korea Road to Suwon in 2016 Asian New Star Model Competition, graduation product exhibition from Seogyeong University, graduation product exhibition from international fashion design vocational school, and fashion show.

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