2020 FACE of ASIA


  • Sayuri Jayarathna
    Sayuri Jayarathna FACE of SRILANKA 2020
  • Yasiru Mihiran
    Yasiru Mihiran FACE of SRILANKA 2020
  • Đỗ Phùng Hương Giang
    Đỗ Phùng Hương Giang FACE of VIETNAM 2020
  • Nguyễn Thị Hường
    Nguyễn Thị Hường FACE of VIETNAM 2020
  • Nguyễn Văn Nam
    Nguyễn Văn Nam FACE of VIETNAM 2020
  • Hazel De Leon
    Hazel De Leon FACE of PHILIPPINES 2020
  • Regine Bulac
    Regine Bulac FACE of PHILIPPINES 2020
  • Christian Pauco
    Christian Pauco FACE of PHILIPPINES 2020
  • Park Chea Rim
    Park Chea Rim FACE of KOREA 2020
  • Kim Se Won
    Kim Se Won FACE of KOREA 2020
  • Lee Seo Yeong
    Lee Seo Yeong FACE of KOREA 2020
  • Choi hyun jin
    Choi hyun jin FACE of KOREA 2020
  • Lee Jeong Min
    Lee Jeong Min FACE of KOREA 2020
  • S.Selengesuren
    S.Selengesuren FACE of MONGOLIA 2020
  • A.Indra
    A.Indra FACE of MONGOLIA 2020
  • B.Khaliun
    B.Khaliun FACE of MONGOLIA 2020
  • M.Bolat
    M.Bolat FACE of MONGOLIA 2020
  • D.Davaalham
    D.Davaalham FACE of MONGOLIA 2020
  • ganticha williams
    ganticha williams FACE of THAILAND 2020
  • kotchalorn kamkong
    kotchalorn kamkong FACE of THAILAND 2020
  • waramphorn sutthipong
    waramphorn sutthipong FACE of THAILAND 2020
  • saknarong leesim
    saknarong leesim FACE of THAILAND 2020
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