Host ‘Face of Hong Kong & Macau Road to Suwon’ First prize winner Suwon city public relations model

The 2016 Asian New Star Model Competition Face of Hong Kong and Macau Road to Suwon was held in a booming stage.
The 2016 Asian New Star Model Contest, Face of Hong Kong & Macau Road to Suwon, was co-hosted by Suwon City (market of Yum Tae-young) and the Korea Model Association (chairman of Yang Eui Sig) and held as host at the event hall of the event in Hong Kong on April 19.

On the same day, the 30 model (15 male and female) competed with each other to represent Hong Kong and Macau at the Asia New Star Model Contest Face of Asia Road to Suwon, which will be held in Suwon, Korea in May 19.

Men’s Kelvin and Leo won the final round, while women’s Quing, Ruby and Fion were selected Face of Hongkong & Macau. Among them, Pion, who won the first prize in Face of Hong Kong & Macau, will also selected as a public relations model for the city and will serve as a model that will announce the future of Suwon

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