KBS Special : Asia is 20 years old” Asian models story of modeling life.

On 25th, KBS 1TV Special documentary ‘KBS Special’ was broadcasted with story of Face of Asia contest.
Face of Asia is the final contest for 24 Asian countries 80 winner models and this event has been 12 years.
2 weeks training for final contest was not easy for models. they had to training performances, walking training,,,etc every day was contest .
Angel maini lost her father because of war and she believed that this event will give her best chance to make their family live together with love.
Because if she became model, then she can earn money for family and that will give her house for family.
Kim yu jin, she was Ping pong player for 10 years. she always had back injury and had to give up. modeling was her second dream. but there was a matter of father, her father never agreed her to be a model. This will be the best chance for her to show father how she is.
Choi yun min, His youth life was terrible because of their parent’s failure of business and that made him trouble maker. One day, he watched TV show and found modeling event and this was his best chance to change his and family life.
Zarnigor from tazikistan. she was already model for 4 years and she was good enough to be a model. but, in her country, modeling was just hobby and there is no training courses or agency. so she cannot find job easily and she couldn’t earn money. This event is very important for her to be worldstar model.
Saga arora, Modeling in india is not easy to be recognized. But, he didn’t care whatever they saying about it. His mind was very good to be a model with positive mind and he will win all the situation and chances.