Korea-China Cultural Exchange, 2018 FACE of CHINA held on April 1

The 2018 Asia Model Festival ‘Face of China with Myginomebox’ (2018 Asia Model Festival ‘Face of China’ with myGenomebox)’ is co-hosting the Asia Model Festival (Chairman Yang Eui Sig) and the China Fashion Week organizing committee (Zhang Qinghui) as part of cultural exchange between Korea and China.
The event was a cultural event that took place with a Korean-Chinese fashion show and a singer performance while being held in China for the Asian Model Festival Face of Asia, which will held from May 3 to May 6 at Samsung COEX in Seoul.

Asia Model Festival (Asia Model Festival) is a rookie competition that selects the best model to represent Asia among 80 male and female models who passed the preliminary round of 27 Asian countries for one year and is the core content of Asia Model Festival (Asia Model Festival), a platform for cultural exchange based on models of Asia.
“2018 Asia Model Festival of China (2018 Asia Model Final FACE of CHINA)” is the final TOP 5 winner of 30 regional qualifying models across China, Huang Zhi Xu, Zhao Zhi Qiang, Ma Yi Wen, Zhao Shu Han, Li Han Wen.
Chinese President Zhang Qinghui, Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Yang Eui Sig, International Cooperation Agency Director Kim Sung-soo, MaineBox Chairman Shin Sang-chul, Louis & Ray Kim Si-eun, Vice President Coco Mai Yoo Ji-Young. CEO of GTG Wellness Kim Tae Hyun, Oracle Group CEO of China and so on.
In addition, famous designers from both countries, including JENIFER MOK (Designer Mok Eun-jung) brand in Korea and China, held a colorful and beautiful fashion show for Korea and the Face of China. With the theme of “living a traditional life in modern times,” Mok Eun-jeong, a designer of Korean traditional clothes, introduced about 40 hanji-based hanboks that are applied with modern trends in Korean tradition, including Korean clothes, and Taekwondo clothes that evolved into fashion. Park Joo-hee sang her hit songs “Jiaya” and the Chinese national song “Monryang” and sang “Arirang” as the background music for the Hanbok fashion show.
In particular, the event showed that Korea-China cultural exchanges are becoming normalized as a major program of China Fashion Week, which has been held for a week in Beijing since the ban on Korean pop culture in the wake of the THAAD conflict between Korea and China.
“The event was conducted by Jiang Gyeong-wi, president of China Fashion Week, with a firm belief and value that cultural exchange between Korea and China is important,” Yang Eui Sig said. “The event is a combination of China’s needs to promote China’s fashion culture through the Asia Model Festival network formed within China and 27 Asian countries.”

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