Mario Mauer 2018 Asia Model Awards ‘Special Asia Award’ Thank you.

The Asia Model Festival, hosted by the Korea Model Association (Chairman Yang Eui-Sig) was held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the afternoon of April 24.
The event aired worldwide on KBS’ WORLD. Through Facebook, YouTube, Naver TV CAST, V Live app, MY K, NOON, Daum Kakao TV, and Avatar TV. Also broadcasted live worldwide on stage backstage and hair make-up rooms that have not been publicized normally.

In particular, the Asian Model Beauty of the Year show, which was co-hosted by 20 top Asian models, Beauty object, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi-rae and BIZY, received enthusiastic applause from the audience. This is significant in its attempt to create and extend new digital content.

On the other hand, ‘2017 Asia Model Festival’ is the director of Beauty, Jeju Air, Inist, Medibles, Pureans, Oracle Dermatology, Avatar TV, Louis & Ray, Diana, Herifland Dental, KEB Hana Bank, CableVOD, Olle TV mobile, Cocomey, Arachla, Krista, Kristikovic, and MBC’s Pharmacy Co.

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