Nu’est w, win two gold medals ‘Asian model Awards’ and “Glory will reward my fans.”

Nu’est w win two gold medals from ‘Asian model Awards’ to ‘Most Popular Star award’ and ‘Asian special award’ the charge of receiving his award said. Nu’est w the last, held at COEX, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on April 6 ‘Asian model Awards’ ‘Most Popular Star award’ and ‘Asian special award’ in.

Nu’est w after award “Most Popular Star award, Asia so honored to receive up to special award in a good seat.” saying in interview meeting. “With artists who worked hard and shiny is. Thank you very much” said. “These days, preparing hard to visit and fans trying to show you a wonderful look and performance.” Nu’est w told.

In addition, “music, performances, broadcasting fan through various activities, such as those of you, I can call closer to going to do more. I’ll show you a lot and played well in the future will try to, it’s okay” to open up.

Finally, these are always full of cheering fans, “And send me a great love for Thank you very much for. Fan can we return to how well.” “I’ll find it in good form with you again soon expected, and always would like you around with us long, high and that every day.” Added.

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