Pyeongchang Olympic Plaza Live site is hosting ‘Fashion Show of 23 Asian countries’

On February 24, 2018, “Tradition Fashion Show” was held at the “Pyeongchang Olympic Plaza LIVE SITE” and the Gangneung Olympic Park Live Site, where models from 23 Asian countries dressed in their national uniforms and showed off their own culture.

These fashion show featured 24 models from 23 Asian countries including Korea, China, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Kirkisstan, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, India, the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Australia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates, they performed splendid live performances at Pyeongchang and Gangneung.

The models that participated in the fashion show were representative models of the 2017 Asian Model Festival – Face of Asia, hosted by the Korea Model Association (Chairman Yang Eui-Sig) from June 22 to 24 last year. Lee Hee-beom, the head of the organizing committee, appointed them to promote the 2018 Winter Paralympics Games in Asia.

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