2019 Face of Mongolia WITH Mainone Box hold in success

On July 7, “2019 Asia Model Festival of Mongolia with Mycinomobox” was held in the UB Place Royal Room in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.”FACE of ASIA” is an international exchange event that is one of the Asian Model Festival’s “Asia Model Awards,” “Asia American Festival,” and “Face of Asia” hosted by Asian Model Festival and “Face of Asia,” which are co-hosted by Asian Model Festival.

In particular, the “mygenomebox” (Chairman Shin Sang-chul) that participated as the main sponsor of the event introduced the application of E1DIA (EDGC), which launched a number of health and beauty applications on the global gene-sharing economic platform, and attracted a lot of favorable reviews and interests from the local community. The judges of the event were Yang Sang-sik, chairman of the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee, Shin Sang-chul, chairman of Maine Numun Box, chairman of Mongolia’s Lotteria, President Lee Joon-ho of Comedy Holdings, lawyer Park Bum-il, CEO of Asia Model Agency Sertoya, lawyer of M&Z Law Group, Miss Mong-Golia Association, Webzol.

Two final men and three women were selected for the event through free dress screening, swimsuits, traditional dress screening, and dress screening. The final selection will be given the opportunity to act as an exclusive model for the sponsor, a drama shoot and an advertisement model, and will participate as a Mongolian representative in the “2019 Face of Asia” to be held in Korea next year. The winner of this year’s Face of Mongolia for women’s division were candidate number 3, Suvdansondor; candidate number 7, B.Tegshjargal; and candidate number 19 B.Odgerel. For men’s division are candidate number 3, E.A.Megalanbat and candidate number 4, B.Mandakhbayar were selected for the final model representatives. Among them, the women candidate number 3, Kh.Suvdansondor won the Grand Prix with the Miami Box Award as the final winner.

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