To be successfully finished the Philippines face of 2018, Trisha Soto.

2018 Face of Asia to participate in the model contest was held in the Philippines in the Philippines.
On October 25, Korea model, the association ” Korea Association of models and models co-hosted by the Festival Organising Committee and the Philippines ‘Manila, Fashion Festival’ Lee Asia.‘2018 model Festival, Asia face of the Philippines (2018 asia model festival face of philippines)’ has opened Shangri-La hotel in Manila on June 19. “.News.

Asia’s largest new model of Asia’s largest meeting to proceed with The Korea Association of Model ‘Face of Asia (face of asia)’ and ‘Asian model Awards’ Asia ‘.U.S. ’ (U.S.) Festival ‘Face of Asia’ content consists of three core of the international exchange of ‘Asian model, Festival’ content.

On this day as judges at specialist Michelle a ‘Manila, Fashion Festival’ Ronnie Cruz, Oracle the Medical Group, the Philippines, Yang Eui Shik, Korea Association of Model.Nunez, South Korea’s Lee Ji Hyo of international cooperation model, One glove Limited Genshi Shigekawa, Junca hisa nagatomi, Freego Sarin Chialri, Bata Ravi Haas such as the process carefully selected for the Philippines.

In Oracle award sponsorship Freda mason and Anthony lafaut, Daniel Angel and Anthony lafaut in third place, Julia velasques, Afaan mir is in second place, Trisha Soto and darren parminter in the first place, Trisha Soto was honored with the selected destination is the glory of honor.

By 2018, one male model and two female models of them on behalf of the Philippines ‘2018 model Festival, Asia face of Asia’ to be held in Seoul, Korea will participate.

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