“We represent Korea” 2019 Asia Model Festival “Face of Korea” top 5 selection

There are five Korean representatives selected to participate in the Asian model festival ‘FACE of Asia’ that will be held in 2019.
The 2019 Asian Model Festival ‘FACE of KOREA’ was held in the Olympic Hall of the Olympic Park on the afternoon of November 21. On the day of the event, five models including Cho Soo Yeon, Choi Ye Won, Kang Na Yeon (female) and Park Jeong Ha, Choi Jin Myeong (male) who are representatives of Korea were selected. They will participate in the 2019 Asian Model Festival ‘Asian Face of Asia’, which they will compete with more than 80 models from 25 countries.

Yang Eui-Sig, chairman of the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee, Lim Joo-wan, chairman of the Korea Association of Models, Shin Sang-chul, chairman of the Mygenomebox, Kim Dong-soo, chairman of the Korea Institute of Model Content, and Do Shin-woo, chairman of International Model Center International.
Yang Eui-shik, president of the Asia Model Festival organizing committee, which hosted the event,said, “Asia’s top models selected through the Face of Asia are core contents that can exchange models, fashion and beauty industries globally. We hope that Korean models will perform well in the Asian finals, which will be held in June next year.
In the “Face of Korea” contest, female models wear the “Ducan” designer brand and male models wear the ” DIRECTOR BEE’” costume performed a fashion show. In addition to “Dukan” and “Director Rain,” they dressed in costumes for ‘JENIFER MOK’ and ‘FOTTON GARMENT’ set up a colorful individual walking stage show.

Shin Sang-chul, chairman of Mygenomebox, Yoo Jaehyeong, Vice President of EDGC (EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center), Noh Un-ha, CEO of Panasonic Korea, Kim Tae-hyun, CEO of GTG Wellness, Cho Sangbeom, CEO of Jesus Model Academy, Seol Jong-doo, vice chairman of the Korea Model Association, and Lee Seon-jin, director of the Asia Model Festival organizing committee.

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