Tuvan Republic to join FACE of Asia 2020

Tuva is the newest addition to the 25 Asian nations participating in the FACE of Asia model competition, the 15th of its kind. Tuva, which lies at the geographical center of Asia, is one of 85 republics under the Russian Federation.

The first FACE of Tuva model contest was held at the Bai-Sayir Restaurant in the Tuvan capital Kyzyl on March 5.

Two models, Dolgarmaa Ondar and Ayan Kuular, were chosen to advance to the finals in Seoul.

The event was hosted by Kima Dongak, the director of the Edegey Dance and Costume Theatre and the Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC).

“It’s an honor to join this competition which is a great chance for models to show their talent and represent their homeland Tuva,” Dongak said. I would like to take this regional contest further to expand borders and show more of our culture and beauty to the world.”

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