Face of Central Asia ‘The Best Central Asian Models of 2017’

At the final round of the 2017 Asia Model Festival Face of Central Asia held at Almaty, Kazakhstan on the 25th afternoon of last month, the third-ranked Tajikistan No.27 Gaibova Safica, first-ranked Uzbekistan No.1 Mahmudo Shoboz, Second-ranked No. 21 Kyrgyzstan Ekman Alla posed to take a picture.

Yang Eui-Sig, president of the Korean Model Asociation, Roh Young-woo, president of the Oracle Medical Group, and Lee Young-sook of the Oracle Department of Skin, participated as a member of Face of Central Asia 2017.
Asia panel’s 2015 Asian Model Awards winner Irina Young, Chairman of the Mercedez-Benz Almaty Fashion Week organization committee, Yan Ray.

The winners of the event were Kazakhstan women’s number 2 Niyazbekova Aiganim, men’s number 7 Nazir Tleuzhan, Uzbekistan women’s number 12 Uhova Anastasiya, Uzbekistan No.13 Kornilova Eleonor, Kyrgyzstan women’s number 19 Kyrstanbek Aichurok, and Kyrgyzstan Man’s number 24 Gurbasahanov Begench, Tajikistan women’s No.29 Husa nova Zarnigor, No.32 men’s Safarov Sulaimon.

In addition, Uzbekistan Women’s No.13 Kornilova Eleanora won the Korea Visitor’s Promotion Model Award. Uzbekistan’s Mahmudo Shahboz gave the honor of the Oracle Award, and the Oracle Award will serve as an Oracle PR model for a year. In addition, Tajikistan No. 27 Gaibova Safica won third place, Kyrgyzstan No. 21 Ekman Alla won second place. They will attend ‘2017 Asia Model Festival Face of Asia’ this year.

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