The best Model & Beauty Artist Awards of Korea

‘K-MODEL AWARDS & Asia 美 Awards’ opening at COEX, May 5th

K-MODEL AWARDS & 美 Awards that gives awards to the selected fashion and beauty artists of related industry and the best Korean models. ‘2018 Asia Model Festival’ is a big event that has been cosponsored by ‘Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (President Yang)’, ‘Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association (President An)’, ‘The Korea Contents Association (President Kim)’, ‘KOCI (President Kim)’, and organized by ‘Korea Model Association’, and sponsored by ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ and ‘Seoul City’. It is to award not only the best models in Fashion, Commercial, Racing, Fitting, Fitness and Miz, but also Fashion Designers, Makeup, and Hair Artists and Brands as well.
Lee Tae Sung and Ko Ye Seul ran the event as MC and those winners who are selected by recommendation from the specialists and process of advanced votes within Model, Industry, SNS fields, are Han Hyun Min, Kim Sul Hee, Tae Eun, Tiana Tolstoy (Fashion), Jung Hee su, Do Byung Wook (Global Model), Joo Won Dae (Model & Entertainer), Noh Sung Su, So Ju Hyun (Commercial), Im Sol Ah, Lee Young, So Ee (Racing), Jung Myung Sub, Choi Seul Ki (Fitting) and Lee Eun Jung (Miz). There were also Kim Jong Sik, Kim Eun Jung, Jung Sam Mul, Kim Eun Ha, Lee So Jung, Lee Jung Sun, Lee Hyun Jong, Jung Chul, Lee Seung Ju, Ku Da Hyun, Hong Ji, Mok Eun Jung (Fashion & Beauty Artist), and TRCNG, ShaSha (New K-pop Artist), and Lee Bok Young, Lee Hye Kyung, Shin Sang Chul, Park Ju Hee, Han Sung Jin, Andy Tien (Developing related Industry) were awarded with Brand Award, Achievement Award, Appreciation Plaque, etc. Not only Awards, but also diverse shows such as Fashion show, Beauty Gala show, K-pop performance were shown and these were broadcasted on Tencent (China), Facebook (Asia Model Festival Official Page), Youtube, etc. Under the 13th 2018 Asia Model Festival, there are three events with having the begin of ‘Asia 美 Festival’ at 7pm, May 3rd, Namsalgol Hanok Village, Seoul, and then ‘K-MODEL AWARDS & Asia 美 Awards’ for Korea models and people related into Fashion & Beauty industry at 2pm, and ‘FACE of ASIA’ that is the contest of Asia new models at 7pm, May 5th., and the last event of ‘Asia Model Awards’ with Asia top models, stars, and Celebrities at D Hall, COEX, 7pm, May 6th.