The Top Model of Asia chosen in ‘FACE of ASIA’ with MyGenomeBox

Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (President Yang)’, ‘The Korea Contents Association (President Kim)’ cosponsored, ‘Korea Model Association’ organized, ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’, ‘Seoul City’, and ‘International Cross Cultural Foundation’ sponsored for the 2018 Asia Model Festival ‘FACE of ASIA’ that is to select the best model within 70 models from 25 countries was held on May 5th, 7pm at D Hall, COEX with having Joshua and Kim Hyo Jin as MC. ‘2018 FACE of ASIA’ is one of the core contents of ‘Asia Model Festival’ and it was proceeded with 25 nations including Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, India, Hongkong, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, Dubai, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Macau, etc.
For the sponsorship awards, Prach Chhorvorn from Cambodia (Jesus Model Academy Award), Kim Ki Ho from Korea (Dongan Miso Oriental Medical Clinic Award), Soranun Trisanu from Thailand (Onday Cosmetic Award), Kim Boram from Korea (Bonisha Award), Yang Sungho from Korea (Forenthera Award), Yadav Rushali form India (Solco Bio Medical Award), Osmonov Askat from Kyrgyzstan and Octavia Andhika Berlian from Indonesia (Gifto Award), Hadpad Sachin Shivanand from India and Pair Mercedes Romero from HongKong (Uplive Award), Vu Thi Minh Nguyet from Vietnam (Taeyeon Medial Award), Okane Anri from Japan (K-POP Dance Master Award), Goh Cheng Land from Malaysia (Forencos Award), Kim Jiun from Korea (Kocomei Award), Huang Zhixu from China (Dr. Alkastone Award), Iarosh Evelina from Kyrgyzstan (Oracle Medical Award), Amarasinghe Isanka Pramuditha from Sri Lanka (Panasonic Korea Award), Batsaikhan Shijirmaa from Mongolia (GTG Wellness Lebody Award), Ma Yiwen from China (Diana Gen Award), Sawangkla Premsinee from Thailand (Lui & Lei Award), Li Hanwen from China (Inist Puremei Award), Sin Chaein from Korea (MyGenomebox Award). The TOP 10 of this year, Amarasinghe Isanka Pramuditha from Sri Lanka, Yang Sungho from Korea, Huang Zhixu from China, Goh Cheng Land from Malaysia, Yadav Rushali from India, Iarosh Evelina from Kyrgyzstan, Ma Yiwen from China, Octavia Andhika Berlian from Indonesia, and Sin Chaein from Korea have been selected and they are also appointed as ‘Seoul Tourism Partners’ to promote Seoul City to the entire Asia. Within the TOP 10 models, Amarasinghe Isanka Pramuditha from Sri Lanka as male model and Sin Chaein from Korea as female model have been awarded ‘Winner Prize’, and Ma Yiwen from China has achieved ‘Grand Winner Prize’. Prof. Han Jungho (Yeonsei Uni.), Lee Hye Gyeong (Member of a city countil), Lim Juwan (Korea Model Association Vice President), Kim Sungsu (Member of international cooperation council), Lee Sunjin (Korea Model Association member of the board of directors), Amberchia (Amberchia Academy), Badal Saboo (Pune Fashion Week), Ha Eunyoung (Director), Yoon Heejung (Jazz Artist), Grace Moon (Designer), Wu Xia (Beijing Career Model School), Yu Mei (Dalian Model Art School), and CEO & Representatives from each sponsor have participated in the event as the judge panels. Under the 13th 2018 Asia Model Festival, there are three events with having the begin of ‘Asia 美 Festival’ at 7pm, May 3rd, Namsalgol Hanok Village, Seoul, and then ‘K-MODEL AWARDS & Asia 美 Awards’ for Korea models and people related into Fashion & Beauty industry at 2pm, and ‘FACE of ASIA’ that is the contest of Asia new models at 7pm, May 5th., and the last event of ‘Asia Model Awards’ with Asia top models, stars, and Celebrities at D Hall, COEX, 7pm, May 6th.