The Chairman of Korea Model Association
Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee
I am Yang Eui-sig, the president of Korea Model Association
The 11th Asia Model Festival Awards was successfully held with endless passion in May, 2016. The 10th Asia Model Festival will have three events: “Asia Model Awards”, “Asia 美 Festival”, and “Asia New Star Model Contest”.
We strongly believe that models have become a bona fide core cultural content in Asia through harmony and interchange with related industries.
Now, models have become very important both in Asia and worldwide.
Under the circumstances, we hope that Asia Model Festival becomes a core platform of interchange among Asia, America and Europe and thus will speed up vigorous interchange of the world model, fashion and beauty industries.
We are sincerely grateful for your help.
  • 2015~2016 Asia Model Festival ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ Greeting
Minister of Cuiture, Sports and Tourism
Warmest congratulations on the 11th Asia Model Festival. Dear participants and members of the modelling industry, I am very delighted to welcome all of you to this Festival, which is held for further advancement and increased exchange among members of the Asian modelling industry.
As you all know, fashion reflects contemporary values and social trends, while also creating a new wave of culture. It is the modelling industry that brings life to fashion, enabling the public to have better understanding about fashion. I hope that visitors can enjoy beauty industry as well as various fashion trends with participating models.
Importantly, this year’s event is jointly hosted by Suwon City and the Korea Model Association, marking the 2016 year of visiting Suwon Hwaseong. I look forward to seeing this Festival contribute to promoting tourism industry through participation of models from 25 Asian countries in diversified programs with visitors.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will continuously work hard to ensure vibrant cultural exchange among Asian countries and “Cultural Enrichment” of the Republic of Korea.
Finally, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to staff members at the Korea Model Association for organizing this wonderful event. I ask for your continued support for the Asia Model Festival so that everyone in Asia would look forward to this event one day.
Thank you.
  • 2014 Asia Model Festival ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ Greeting
Minister of Cuiture, Sports and Tourism
Hello, I am Yoo Jin Ryong, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
I sincerely congratulate upon ‘the 9th Asia Model Festival Awards’ for encouraging exchange among the modeling industry in Asia.
And, I am very delighted to welcome all of the foreign models and all the parties concerned participating in this event. As you all know, fashion reflects the value of the period and social phenomena, and it plays a role in creating new culture. It is not too much to say that modeling industry performs a crucial role in infusing life into fashion so that it has always been with the general public. ‘Asia Model Festival Awards’ is based on value that Model and fashion industry have. Therefore, it is emerging as events that pave the way for encouraging cultural exchange with every Asian country and improving mutual understanding among Asia countries. I appreciate President Yang Eui Sig and all the parties concerned in Korea Model Association for their effort in preparing for this event. I hope for many years to come they would strive more for making this awards ceremony better, so that hopefully, all of the Asians would look forward to this event.
Thank you.
  • 2012~2013 Asia Model Festival ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ Greeting
Minister of Cuiture, Sports and Tourism
I truly congratulate everyone on the 8th Asia Model Festival Awards intended to cultivate a sound modeling industry and promote interchanges among Asian agencies. I extend a warm welcome to all of our guests, including models and industry personnel from many countries.
As you know, fashion mirrors the values of the time and social milieu, and is a trendsetter in popular culture. The modeling industry infuses fashion with vitality so it becomes a vibrant part of people’s lives.
I enthusiastically applaud the models here today who have played a central role in promoting fashion.
I expect this event will foster further cultural exchanges among Asian countries and serve as a catalyst for enhancing friendship. In addition, I hope that this event will become a festival for the whole modeling industry of Asia.
I am grateful to the Korea Model Association for its hard work in making this event such a success, and hope it continues its efforts to make the Asia Model Festival Awards an event that all Asians will look forward to and remember.
I wish every one of you and your families good health and happiness in 2013.
Thank you very much.
  • 2009~2011 Asia Model Festival ‘Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism’ Greeting
Minister of Cuiture, Sports and Tourism
Ladies and gentlemen! I am Yoo, In-Chon, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
New Year has dawned. I would like to give all of you my best wishes for the New Year.
I am very pleased to meet with the world class models, honored guests from home and abroad and all of you here. My congratulations on the occasion of the “4th Asia Model Festival Awards” which is one of the Asia’s leading model festival. Let me also welcome models representing each of the 11 participating nations.
Models have become the centerpiece of fashion industry which is in the process of being born again as a high value cultural service industry. Developed countries like U.K, Italy, France and Japan have been fostering design and fashion as key industries representing their nations. Our Ministry has also been providing full support to our fashion industry with a view to upbringing world class fashion brand. In 2009, we are planning to promote fashion industry as one of the strategic contents industry so that Korean culture can be spread to the world and the value of the national brand enhanced.
It is my understanding that “Asia Model Festival Awards” marking its 4th anniversary is a leading Asian model festival and plays an important role in the development of the model industry of Asia. And it has become one of the indispensable cultural contents in popular culture.
Recently, Korean model won the first prize in “2008 Ford Supermodel of the World” and the world is watching the charms and values of Asian models.
Models are jewels which fashion industry and cultural communities can’t do without. If you models make contributions with pride to vitalization of the fashion and cultural industry, it will be of much help to spreading “hope” which, in turn, will boost Korean economy. I am confident that the ‘hope’ from Korea will cross the border and spread to the rest of the world to provide support for revitalizing world economy.
In closing, let me wish every success of the event and expect the ‘Asia Model Festival Awards’ to show Korean fashion industry to the world and place itself as a cultural icon which will further disseminate the New Korean Wave. I would like thank you all for the efforts exerted to prepare and execute this event and wish you and your family good health and happiness in 2009.
Thank you very much!