양 의 식 ㅣ Yang Eui Sig
Organizing Chairman, Asia Model Festival

Hello everyone.
I am Yang Eui Sig, Chairman of the Asia Model Festival Organization.

The 14th Asia Model Festival has become a celebration of the world’s attention.
In the past year, we have been carrying out model selection competitions from Seoul to 27 countries including Mongolia, Philippines, Kazahstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armeria, Georgia, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, nepal, Sriranka, Arabia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau, Iran, Thailand, Cambodia. Just like the “Silk Road” linking East and West in the past, the “Asia Model Festival” completed the task of connecting Seoul with the whole of Asia. As a result, the new star models representing Asia countries continue to emerge and grow along with the model road, and will become the new leader in the future fashion beauty culture industry, leading the trend of the times.
The “Asia Model Road” is a “beauty” cultural industry platform that links the dreams and imaginations of all those who pursue beauty with reality.
Models will be expose to all business information related to fashion, cosmetics, make-up, jewelry and beauty in the “Asia Model Road”.
“Asia model road” is a large market where cultures and industries communicate with each other.
We look forward to the future of the “beauty” cultural industry through the year-round tour of the “FACE of ASIA”, the Asia Beauty Festival, the Asia Model Awards and other celebration leagues.
The “Asia Model Festival” itself is a huge open market.
As long as you have the talent and persistent creativity, anyone can turn their dreams and hopes into reality through the “Asia Model Festival” tour.
The center of human civilization and the world economy is Asia.
There are 4.5 billion Asias in the world. Asia is no longer the edge of the West, but the center of the world.There are 4.5 billion Asias in the world. Asia is no longer the edge of the West, but the center of the world.
Although we have different races, languages, religions and cultures, we are all in one, with the same dream.
‘Asia is One, One Asia Dream!’
“Love and Peace, Dedication and Spirit” The theme of the “Asia Model Festival” will bloom in the world.
Thank you!

2017.02 ~ Visiting Professor from Seokyeong University Graduate School
2016 ~ Chairman of the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee
2016 ~ Director of Foundation of Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange
2014 ~ 2016 President of Korea Popular Culture and Art Industries Federation
2011 ~ 2013 Professor of Model Acting Department at Seokyeong University
2008 ~ 2009 Competition Judge, Asia Super Model
2007 ~ 2008 Director of Korea Foundation for International culture Exchange
2006 ~ 2012 Judge of SBS Super Model Selection Competition
2006 Organizing Committee Chairman of Asia Model Festival
2005 ~ 2018.08 Chairman of the Korea Model Association
2004 ~ 2011 Daeduk University, Model Department, Assistant Professor, Department Dean
1996 ~ 2005 Chief Executive Officer of Instars Communication
1996 ~ 2003 Affiliated Professor of Model Event Department, Chunnam Techno University

Hoseo University, graduate school of venture, doctor of philosophy in business administration
Hanyang University, graduate school of media and information, master in advertising

· 1984 debut from Doturak ice cream CF
· Korea beer crown dry mild series
· Samsung BILTMORE for 5 years, Samsung Anycall series and office supplies for 3 years.
· Sampoong Department Store for 3 years, Grand Department Store for 3 years, Kunyoungomni Department Store for 5 years
· Lotte Department Store’s D.M. Filming
· Kia Motors Pride, Hyundai Electronics Company PR
· Ssangyong Motor’s Mutso, Kodak film and more than 150 CF appearances
· Samsung C&T Biltmore, Kolon Manstar, Voslenza etc., and more than 400 filming catalogs.

2011~2013, Model Acting Department of Seokyeong University, Professor
2004~2011, Model Department of Daeduk University, assistant professor, Dean of Department
1996 ~2003, Model Event Department of Chunnam Techno University, Adjunct Professor

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