Starting on January 14, the final 12 models, who went through the four rounds of selection, that lasted 76 days, competed for the chance to be Korean representative model in the finals.
In particular, from the preliminary examination, designer Choi Kyung Ho, KMA director Jang Hye Won, AMFOC International Cooperation Director Lee Sang Hee, beauty expert and CEO of The NBP Cosmetics Ok Soo Jung, stylist Eun Kwang Hee, photographer Park Sung Geun, and other professionals of the model, fashion, design, beauty industries, participated as mentors and conducted in-depth examination at the same time.

As a result, the honour of being a part of the top five went to Kwon Tae Woo, Kang Soo Ah, Chae Byung Eun, Lee Hyun Hwi, and Chae Ji Woo. They will represent Korea in the semi-final of Face of Asia, which will be held from September 1 to 10.