Breaking away from the classic concept of performances on stage and shows that only demonstrate models walking on podiums, all the spaces in the venue become a SHOW STAGE every visitor can enjoy.
The backstage of the fashion show is placed in front of the stage, and the show preparation processes, such as hair, makeup, and styling are held at an open venue.


2024. 10




Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee


Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee


Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea

Open makeup

Arranging space for influencers and audiences to shoot makeup scenes

PR booth

Promotions and online sales are available at the booth during the event period

Look book shooting

Participating brands’ look book and photo shoots

Fashion & Beauty Show

Fashion show stage, system provision, stage directing by in-house directing team

① Designers recommended by Asian partners or individual participation
② An AMFOC collaborative designer committee will verify and notify about the results.
③ After getting the invitation, arrive in Korea to participate in the fashion show

① Asian designers
② Asian fashion brands
③ Non-Asian Beauty Artists…