The winners of Asia Model Festival 2020 – Face of Mongolia, held at the outdoor concert hall of the National Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on the 17th, were determined.
The competition was organized by Asia’s largest gateway to the elite modelling world, Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC), hosted by Lotteria, sponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mongolia, the Korean Association in Mongolia, the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, TORGO, Korea Digital Experience School, UBS, Jaraseom Island Theme Park, Jinju Sangdan, EVSEG, KOMH Holdings, BBQ MGL, Luxury Boutique Shopping Mall EVSEG Cashmere, Aquila LLC, Yoojun Taek Mongolia LLC and others.

The event, co-hosted by Batjaya and Enkhzarkal, was opened with the opening speech of AMFOC Chairman Yang Yi Sik and a congratulatory speech by Lee Joon Ho, chairman of Yoojin Taek Mongolia LLC. In his opening speech, Chairman Yang Yi Sik said: “With the participation of excellent Mongolian models, this year, Asia Model Festival - Face of Mongolia has established itself as the best model event in Mongolia. We hope that through Face of Mongolia 2020, Mongolian models will advance to the Asian and global stages and get important opportunities for the development of Mongolia's model, fashion and beauty industries."
AMFOC Chairman Yang Yi Sik, Face of Asia Central Asia CEO Kang Hara, Ko Dae Hwa, CEO of Studio of Imong Culture Industry, Ko Myung Han, KOMH Holdings Chairman, Kim Tae Yeon, Professor at Seokyeong University, Lee Joon Ho, chairman of Yoojin Taek Mongolia LLC, designer D. Enkhmaa of Queen Fashion House (2012), model Duva Bayartogtokh (Face of Asia 2012 winner), senior photographer of March9 Studio,
Alimaa, senior manager of EVSEG Cashmere, and CEO of Aquila LLC appeared as judges.
During the competition, about 30 models selected after the first preliminary round demonstrated various talents and abilities they have acquired so far. Not only model walk and stage performances but all-round-talents, such as outstanding dance skills, as required in modern entertainment.
Models especially caught the attention of judges with national costume performances, demonstrating the harmony of Mongolian traditional and modern motifs through the colourful Mongolian traditional costume.

◆ A.Indra and others advanced to the finals, confirming Mongolia's potential
As a result, A. Indra (Female, No. 8) won the EDGC Award, and S. Selengesuren (Female, No. 2) won Mongolia Lotteria Award. IVSEC Cashmere Award went to B.Budsuren (Female, No. 14), BBQ MGL LLC Award – to B.Khaliun (Female, No. 9), and CESAR BRAND Award was awarded to O.Kherlenbayar (male, No. 3).
Five people were selected as finalists to step on the Seoul stage. The finalists are S. Selengesuren (female, No.2), A. Indra (female, No.8), B.Khaliun (female, No. 9), D.Davaalham (male, No. 8), and M.Bolat (male, No.10).
A. Indra, who won the EDGC Grand Prize and advanced to the finals, caught the attention of the audience with her height – the model is 178cm tall, as well as the unique combination of her slim western body, oriental beauty, and bright smile, showing her potential to become a top model in the future. Furthermore, she is only 13 years old.
The young lady continues to pursue her model dream. She smiled broadly, saying, "I will be a great model like Enghma from our agency."… "I want to study Korean hard and get good results on Face of Asia in Seoul. And I will definitely walk the global runway," she continued.
Meanwhile, Face of Asia is Asia's largest elite fashion model contest held by the Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee with partners from Asian modelling and fashion-related countries. The best Asian models will be selected in Seoul, at the venue of the main competition in June next year, after preliminary competitions in Asian countries participating, namely Mongolia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos.