The Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee will take the lead in discovering ESG innovation brands in Korea. At the same time, it will strengthen the network connecting Korea and Asia and also engage in activities to establish the status of multicultural families in Korea.

On the 20th, the Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC, Chairman Yang Eui-Sik) held a ceremony to appoint ESG & Corporate Subcommittee Chairman Lee Joon-ho, Foreign Cooperation Committee Chairman Jung Byung-chul, and advisory and expert committees.

Taking this appointment ceremony as an opportunity, the organizing committee of the Asia Model Festival will seek to improve awareness of Korea’s multiculturalism and co-prosperity through diverse cultural exchanges and mutual recognition among Asian countries. It will also take the lead in active connection with related industries.

To this end, the organizing committee recruited heads of organizations that take the lead in social service and social contribution, ESG experts, 1.5 million young generation communities, 1,020 generation platforms in around 3.5 million countries, and platform companies with symbolism representing 50,000 international students as advisory committees.

An organizing committee official said, “We will discover best practices in ESG management and hold ESG brand shows (tentative names), ESG performances, ESG management stories, and ESG awards ceremonies. We look forward to the creation of Korea’s ESG innovation brands.”