Asian models, and professionals in fashion, beauty, and cultural content industries will gather in Uijeongbu City.
Outstanding performances, colourful fashion shows, the best Asian models and famous Korean and foreign stars, and various cultural content will leave COVID-19 behind and meet again at the beautiful places of Uijeongbu, the city of happiness.
Uijeongbu City (Mayor Kim Dong Geun) signed a business agreement with Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (Chairman Yang Eui Sik) to hold the 17th Asia Model Festival in Uijeongbu. According to the agreement, Uijeongbu City and the Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee will jointly host the Asia Model Festival in cooperation with the Korea International Cultural Exchange Centre (Director Song Ki Chul).

The signing ceremony was attended by Kim Dong Geun, the Mayor of Uijeongbu, Kim In Kyu, honorary chairman of the Asian Model Festival Organizing Committee, Yang Sik, Son Soo Ik, vice chairman, Lim Joo Wan, Lee Jae Song, director of education and culture in Uijeongbu, and Kim Jin Soo, director of Culture and Tourism department, as well as Korean supermodels, such as Joo Jeong Eun, Jang Hye Won, Park Geun Jeong, Kim Jae Beom, Ko Ye Seul, Kwon Eun Jin, Kim Min Jin, Song Eun Ji, Choi Hong Jun, Kang Ri Hyun, Jung Kyung Jin, and others.
By supporting the 17th Asian Model Festival in Uijeongbu, Uijeongbu City will work on areas of common interest for the further development of local culture and arts. Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee will promote Uijeongbu City throughout Asia and promote tourism resource development and economic revitalization.
Marking its 17th anniversary this year, Asia Model Festival is a key global cultural content platform that symbolizes Asia’s pop culture and arts by promoting Asian models, fashion, and beauty-related industries to the world and introducing global brands and artists to Asia.
The festival consists of Asia Open Collection, a platform for fashion beauty and related industries, Face of Asia, where the best models from 25 Asian countries are selected, and Asia Model Awards, an award ceremony for top Asian models and famous Hallyu stars.
The Asia Model Festival, which will take place in Uijeongbu in October 2022, includes events for the development of related industries and various activities and stages involving Uijeongbu citizens.
Uijeongbu Mayor Kim Dong Geun said, “We expect that the Asian-scale festival will lay the foundation for improving the competitiveness of Uijeongbu’s culture and arts sector, and it will also be a good opportunity to promote Uijeongbu throughout Asia.”