A runway for 27 models from 27 countries, located in Uijeongbu, a happy city of the new K-beauty paradigm.
“The Indian national competition to select models who will participate in Asia’s largest model festival, ‘Asia Model Festival. Face of Asia’, was held successfully. Uijeongbu City (Mayor Kim Dong Geun) and the Asia Model Festival Organizing Committee (AMFOC) announced that “2022 Asia Model Festival Road to Uijeongbu, Face of India (2022 FACE of India with You Who’) will be held at the Pune Arena Mayfield Estate in India.
The best 25 models selected from 700 pre-participants from India competed fiercely at the event co-hosted by the Korea International Cultural Exchange Centre (CEO Song Ki Chul) and Pune Fashion Week (CEO Badal Saboo). As a result, the honour of being a part of the top six went to the following models:
First Winners: Alisha Chandrakar (female), Vedant Ramesh Mahewar (male)
Second Winners: Ravi Naval (male), Niharika Joshi (female), Third Winners: Rohit Rana (male), Kriti Karmakar (female).

They will participate in the semi-final, where 30 participants to advance to the final round of “Face of Asia” will be chosen.
The Face of India is one of 27 qualifying events in 27 Asian countries to determine the best models to participate in the final stage, Face of Asia in Uijeongbu.
Face of Asia is an Asian model competition that runs throughout Asia, including China, Japan, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and other countries and territories.
Uijeongbu City will be the venue for the “2022 Asian Model Festival” festival, which will start on October 1.
Model Camp, which prepares and promotes Asian models, will be held from October 1st to October 13th.
Face of Asia, where the best models from 27 countries will be selected, will take place at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on October 14th. Asia Open Collection, an event focused on fashion, beauty and related industries will be held on October 15th, and Asia’s Top Model and Hallyu Star Award ceremony will close the event on October 16.